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Arboriginal Tree Services


Arboriginal Tree Services

Arboriginal is a small Tree Surgery/landscaping business based in Hereford which extends across most of the south east and is capable of scaling up very quickly to incorporate jobs of all sizes. The business owner Mr Downs didn’t have a website of any kind and wanted something that would show off his business credentials and give potential customers a place to contact him.

We are aware that this kind of service is often called upon by clients at the last minute so it was really important to ensure the contact details were very visible and the site needed to be responsive for viewing on mobile devices, which virtually all our sites are nowadays anyway.

We set up the site to ensure the best chances for good Google rankings because it was very important to be amongst the competition for business to come in. By using semantic HTML5 markup and making sure the structure of relevant H1 Heading tags were used in the correct way we were able to get Arboriginal on page one straight away. The page content was written by Richard himself and bolstered with facts from a few researching missions on Google. A Google page was created and the business was verified and now Richard is receiving regular calls from customers which is converting into a nice steady stream of business revenue. We pat ourselves on the back for this one, it’s always great to see a client happy with money coming in from their new website

“When they Ark they ARKRIGHT! – Arboriginal Tree Services”

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