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Online Marketing

O.M.G! Online marketing is GR8 M8 <3 LOL!

Marketing has changed. Gone are days of ad men sitting around smoking enough cigars to keep the Cuban tobacco industry in business.


Nowadays marketing is as much about stats and figures as it is about quirky tag lines and emotive pictures. This is makes marketing today perfect for online. By utilising the myriad different tools and platforms available, a good online marketing campaign will not only work but it’s totally measurable, you’ll be able to see exactly which elements performed the best and which need some work, ensuring that your online marketing gets better and even more effective as you grow.


Email marketing – Monkey Business

Get a load of email addresses send them lots of emails, make loadsa money…..easy right?


Unfortunately it doesn’t work quite like that. It does work though, if people like your products, brands and services then they’ll want to hear from you, particularly if you can give them something in return for the privilege of being allowed to email them. We’ll put together a campaign that will grow your database of subscribers and engage them, ensuring you stay at forefront of their minds.


Search Engine Marketing

With a clever, thought-out SEO strategy it’s possible to beat your competition to the top of search engine rankings

search engine marketing

But what do you do if you don’t have the time to wait or maybe you’ve just launched a new product range and need to start selling straight away; enter Search Engine Marketing. All the major search engines now have some form of ad delivery available to all. You can decide what keywords you want to target, tell the system how much you’re prepared to pay for a click to your website and boom, you’re rocking! It’s actually a little more complicated than that, and while it’s extremely effective, it can also be a great way to burn money. That’s where we step in; we love burning money…. obviously that’s a joke – we are not and never have been affiliated in any way to the KLF. On a serious note, we know what will work and what won’t.

Social Media


Loathe it or hate it, social media is here to stay.

It may seem that Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and their friends with pretty icons have taken over the world and maybe they have, but don’t despair, it’s not that complicated and by being interesting, funny and insightful you can use that to your advantage. We have in depth knowledge of how each of the main social platforms work and how they can be best utilized to make you look cooler and wittier than your competitors, unless you sell cheese, in which case we’re sorry but you have no hope of being cool, although with a glass of wine you’ll be fine.


Integrated Campaigns

Essentially an integrated campaign is one that uses multiple online marketing techniques to achieve a desired goal. It could be a combination of anything really.

Targeting specific users on your database with a particular message via email, getting them to complete a task on a social media network that ends up with them visiting a specific page on your website – then re-targeting them with display ads all over the internet. Not too tricky then.

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