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Proaudioeurope – Funky Junk

This is a London based pro audio store who deal in both new and secondhand gear, with a huge reputation spanning over 20 years these guys buy and sell some of the most expensive audio equipment we have ever seen! Mixing consoles for £50,000 holy moly! As you can imagine they are quite an authority on pro audio gear and it was imperative that they have a professional e-commerce platform to show off their knowledge and products. We chose Magento for the first time after trying virtually every other e-commerce CMS. What makes Magento so powerful is the Object Orientated core code and it’s heavy caching and flat database system for dealing with 1000’s of products.

It’s quite a resource hungry system so we also took out a contract with hosting company UK Fast for a dedicated server to meet their requirements. the store took several months to develop, paying special attention to the enquiry system which is important for a shop that cannot necessarily sell directly online but needs to display it’s content in a shop like manner.

There were many customizations made to the template files to bring our work in line with their in-house designer as well as custom modules created to deal with the development of the site. The hosting is taken care of by UK Fast and we are using Amazon as a CDN to help with supplying the images. Proaudioeurope have seen their takings increase by an enormous amount over the months since the site went live, and we hope they will continue to grow and grow.

“Many Thanks Ashford Web – Proaudioeurope – Funk Junk”

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